Our Corporate Partners

Many organizations share our vision of providing a quality early childhood experience for children from low income families.

We are grateful to the businesses that support our mission and provide resources and/or funding to the Association to help us achieve our goals. Their generosity helps us keep costs to grantees lower.  Become a Partner

Platinum Partner ($5,000)

Anthem HealthKeepers Plus

Anthem HealthKeepers Plus administers Medicaid and FAMIS/CHIP benefits on behalf of the Department of Medical Assistance Services (called DMAS for short) to eligible Virginia residents. We are part of the Anthem companies, which covers about 37 million Americans for health care insurance, in 26 states across the U.S.  Anthem is a member of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, and you’ll recognize our familiar “Cross and Shield” logo.

In Virginia, Anthem has been in the healthcare market under various names, for over 75 years. Anthem HealthKeepers Plus has been covering Virginia Medicaid Members since 1996. We are the only statewide Medicaid/FAMIS managed care organization (MCO) contracted with DMAS, and are proud to serve over 260,000 Virginians eligible for Medicaid and FAMIS. We work with over 25,000 health care providers in Virginia.

For plan details call 800-901-0020 or visit the Anthem Healthkeepers Plus plan on the web.

Gold Partner ($2,500)

Bluefield University

Bluefield University is proud to offer an online degree program. Based in southwest Virginia, Bluefield College online degree programs are an affordable online degree option that allows students to pursue their educational goals from almost anywhere. Bluefield is one of the best online colleges in Virginia and has helped thousands of working adult students from all walks of life complete their degree online.

Visit Bluefield University on the web

Discount School Supply

Discount School Supply and the National Head Start Association have worked together for over 13 years to support services that strengthen children and their families. During this time Discount School Supply has contributed over $650,000 to support NHSA programs nationwide. They are proud to offer resources specifically tailored to Head Start classroom needs.

Visit Discount School Supply on the web.

Kaplan Early Learning Company 

Serving those who serve children, Kaplan offers a variety of services and products, including early childhood education resources.

Visit KAPLAN Early Learning Company on the web.

Silver Partner ($1,000)

Walden University 

Visit Walden University on the web. Walden University is pleased to partner with Virginia Head Start to meet the professional development needs of its members. Walden is committed to helping working adults continue their education so they can make even greater contributions in their organizations.  As a part of that commitment, we have extended a 10% tuition reduction for the life of the program to all VA Head Start Members who enroll in any Walden bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree program in 2017. 

Bronze Partners ($500)

The Capitol Group of Companies

The Capitol Group of Companies serves the needs of employer groups and individuals with years of experience in financial services. Our firm specializes in the planning, design and the implementation of all-inclusive employee benefit packages.

Visit The Capitol Group on the web.

Sonny Merryman Inc.

Known as the school bus folks, Sonny Merryman Inc. offers a wide selection of federally approved multi-function school/activity buses (MFSABs) to safely transport your precious cargo.

Visit Sonny Merryman Inc. on the web.

Individual Partners ($50 yearly/$250 lifetime)

Wenda Singer