Notice of Recording and Individual Release

Events could be recorded by the event organizers or event participants and you may appear in the resulting recording. The Virginia Head Start Association has no control over an individual who may be recording from a personal device.

If you do not wish to appear in subsequent broadcasts of this even, you should not attend. By attending this event, you agree to the following terms: 

  1. You consent to Virginia Head Start Association (or it’s designees) recording you by any means including, without limitation, electronic recording, film, videotape, audio tape and photography (the “Recordings”) without compensation of any kind to you. You agree that Virginia Head Start Association shall be the copyright owner of the Recordings. You understand that Virginia Head Start Association is not obligated to use the Recordings.
  2. You grant Virginia Head Start Association the right to use your name, voice, quotes and any biographical information you may provide in connection with the Recordings, in whole or in part, by any and all methods now known or hereinafter developed.
  3. To the best of your knowledge, your acts and statements contained in the Recordings will not violate any rights of any other person or company.
  4. You release Virginia Head Start Association from any and all claims and causes of action you may have now or in the future based on defamation, invasion of privacy, publicity, personality, copyright or trademark infringement and unfair competition in connection with the Recordings and Virginia Head Start Association’s use of the Recordings and you agree not to institute and legal action based on any of the grounds specified in this section.
  5. All the rights granted to Virginia Head Start Association by you hereunder are irrevocable and perpetual, and you waive all rights to any equitable relief in connection herewith.