Tips and Fact sheets

Volunteer at your local Head Start Program

Local Head Start programs have coordinators of volunteer services to recruit and train volunteers to fill their responsibilities. One goal of volunteer training and experience is to enable parents and other low-income community volunteers to gain the skills and experience needed to qualify for employment.

Who oversees Head Start?

The 10 Administration for Children and Families Regional Offices and the Head Start Bureau's American Indian - Alaska Native and Migrant and Seasonal Program Branches award grants for Head Start programs and oversee their administration. Virginia is part of ACF Region Three.

How to file a complaint


OHS's Central and Regional Program Offices work together to make sure Head Start programs meet federal requirements for the health, safety, and education of the children in their care and for program design and operation.

Local organizations who receive funds for Head Start programs are responsible for the management of their agencies, including written and approved personnel policies and procedures.

Local Issues and Complaints

If you have concerns about personnel or human resource practices within a Head Start program, first address those concerns with the management staff of the program. The next step, if not resolved, would include addressing the issue with the Governing Body of the grantee agency.

In addition, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) provides information on labor laws and guidance on compliance assistance to protect the wages, health benefits, retirement security, employment rights, safety, and health of America’s workforce, including migrant farmworkers.

The DOL provides contact information for each state's local Labor Office through their Wage and Hour Division.

Federal Issues and Complaints

If you are reasonably certain that a program is in violation of federal requirements or is misusing federal funds, submit a complaint against the program using the Complaints Submission Form.

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